A Watson

I cant recommend you guys enough. We had an impromptu trip to Bali and within 24 hours of arriving in Bali we have Maya coming with us to Waterbomb with our 4 years old. Booking process was a very smooth without hassle process.

My little girl was shy at first but that didn’t last long, Maya definitely have a way with kids. My daughter had a blast and Maya is very attentive, she kept making sure that my daughter keep reapplying her sunblock as well as making sure she doesn’t walk on the hot surface. By the end of the day my daughter didn’t want Maya to leave. She said she has a really really good day and she was having so much fun. Maya even managed to get my super fussy picky eater daughter to eat (and hydrate) at proper time throughout the day.

Thank you so much for your help yesterday, it really made us able to relax and enjoy our holiday too knowing that my daughter is in good hand.
Definitely would love to have Maya again next time we are here.

Thank you so much.

February 14, 2020

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