Brenton Murphy

We recently traveled to Bali with our 12-month-old daughter. This wasn’t our first trip to Bali, however, it was our first overseas holiday with our daughter. I cannot recommend both Bali and Komang from “Balis best babysitting” if you are planning an overseas holiday your children. Bali, in general, is incredibly baby friendly. The Balinese absolutely love babies and are willing to carry/hold/entertain your little ones at any opportunity. Amelia (daughter) is now struggling with the reality of home life where she isn’t getting the attention of absolutely every local.

We had the pleasure of having Komang D from Balis Best Babysitting to look after Amelia across four days and at two different locations. She was prompt, professional and a delight to deal with. By day two Amelia was trying to leap out of our arms and into Komang’s when she arrived; the excitement on her face tells it all! Komang did everything that we asked and kept us updated the whole time. I have used babysitting services in various cities within Australia and I would argue that Komang was just as good if not better than some of my Australia experiences.

We are already planing another trip to Bali in the near future and will be requesting Komang when we return!!

Brenton Murphy June 2, 2019