Brooke Campbell

6th time to Bali and 3rd time using your babysitting service! This time with two children, 3.5yr old active boy and a 9mth old bubbly little girl. We have been lucky with our previous nanny Tuti we used the last two times but this time we also hired Komang!! We were nervous about hiring another nanny as we were so used to Tuti and trusted her with our son. So took a gamble with Komang after reading some glowing reviews on here. Wow, well didn’t we score well, those reviews were all so true!!! This mum of 1 was one of the best nannies and childcare professionals I have ever dealt with (and I work in Childcare and as a nanny myself and have for 12+yrs)!!! She was phenomenal with our kids and literally remembered everything I told her right down to how much scoops of formula. She totally exceeded our expectations of what a nanny should be like and was very hands on with both kids by bringing water balloons, building blocks for our son and managing to get them back up to the resort, bathed and asleep by the time we got home from our massage at night. Nappies were always changed, water offered and sunscreen applied, we never had to remind her about anything!

She honestly made our trip a holiday that we could enjoy too. By having that extra set of hands with us especially for dinners was perfect so we could actually eat our dinner while it was still hot. Our children loved her (as did we) and wish she could have come back to Australia with us.

We have certainly left Bali with a not only fond memories of Komang and our trip but also a friend for life 🙂

Thank you Komang!!

Brooke, Elliot, Noah and Aspen xxx

Brooke Campbell June 3, 2019

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