We just spent 10 days in Bali with our two year old. We had prebooked a nanny from 9am-1pm daily but after having the luxury of Umi W for two mornings we decided to to book the remainder of our trip for afternoon naps and evenings.
As we left it til the last minute, we ended up with 7 different nanny’s in total over the 10 days. Luckily they were all amazing and our little one was open and friendly with them but it would’ve been so much better if we’d had only one or two for the whole time. The other thing is we couldn’t do big day trips as we had to be back by 1pm for the nanny (changeover) which we wouldn’t do next time either so book in advance if you want a regular nanny.
I can’t speak highly enough of the nanny’s, they captivate them from the moment they arrive and take over with bathing, swimming, walks, naps, sleeps, nature, lunch, everything – almost to the point where you miss them and they don’t want a bar of you. You still get to hang out but they aren’t dependent on you for every little thing. We got to go for massages, swims, cocktails by the adult pool, lovely restaurants, etc and it made it a holiday for us as well as her. She also had a ball with them!
I would highly recommend Umi W, Ririn and Eka as they were really bubbly and Isla just loved them. She still asks about them!

April 17, 2019

Open chat