Ilze Roux

Where so I start to even try and explain how wonderful Umi is. This was our second time having nanny Umi for a week and she is just fabulous. Both my boys(2 & 7yrs) absolutely love her and my 2yr couldn’t wait to see her each morning. Now that we are back home he still asks me every day where Umi is, they were inseparable! She is caring & gentle and could easily manage my very busy & sometimes stubborn 2yr old. You can see in the way she worked with my boys that she absolutely loves kids, it comes naturally and her passion & love for kids are very obvious!
I had a 2 other moms at our resort inquired about Umi as they could see how wonderful she was with my kids!
Our Bali holidays are not complete without Umi! Looking forward to our next trip to Bali & seeing her again!

Ilze Roux November 25, 2018