Jillian Adendorff

We spent 7 nights in Bali and had the wonderful Umi live-in with us to help out with our two sons, aged 3.5 years and 15 months.

Umi is such a kind and caring person. Our kids warmed to her very quickly and she was a pleasure to have around. During her time with us she prepared meals for the kids, bathed them, put them to bed and performed all other kid-related duties. She brought toys along with her. The kids really enjoyed spending time with her. It was so lovely to see her interacting and playing with the kids. Everyone was having fun.

Having a live-in nanny allowed my husband and I to have a real break. We still spent quality time with the kids, lots of playing in the pool and walks around the neighbourhood. It also meant that we could enjoy one-on-one time with each other knowing that the kids were well taken care of and enjoying themselves.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Umi to other families and we look forward to having her stay with us on our next trip to Bali.

Jillian Adendorff July 26, 2019

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