Joanne and Hemi Wilson

This was our first time to Bali and we were coming over for a friends 30th so was going to be tricky on deciding who was going to go and who was going to watch the girls. My husband and I have never left our babies in the hands of anyone else so was very hard for us. The night before we left we thought “why not get a nanny…?” We will regret it if we don’t, so my husband did a long hard look at companies and came across you guys, Australian owned, perfect, and not a bad review to be seen. We were over in Bali for 5 days and 3 of those days we had Umi. What can I say, she is the most beautiful, kind heart and caring woman, she helped look after our near 3 year old and our 6 month old who is still being breastfed (trying on the bottle). When it got to the days I needed to go out and hang with my girlfriends Umi was amazing. My husband still had to run his business so having that extra help was perfect. It then came to a day we’re my husband and I wanted to go out together, Umi said “go have fun, the girls will be fine,” well the girls were certainly fine, our baby took a bottle straight away. Our eldest daughter is going to miss Umi so much. We will all miss Umi. She was absolutely amazing and a great addition to our family holiday in Bali. Next time we are over we will certainly be calling Umi. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing service, you really let mums and dads enjoy their time together which is so hard to do most of the time. Thank you Bali’s Best Babysitting.

Joanne and Hemi Wilson May 9, 2019

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