Kate Shoesmith

I just wanted to contact you and say how happy we were leaving our 2 boys, Louis 4 and Jack 2, with your nanny Putu last week. We had her on 3 seperate occasions and she went above and beyond what I expected.
Louis and jack normally take quite a while to warm to anyone caring for them (both complete mummies boys) yet they both immediately went with her and we could see very clearly how much they were enjoying their time with her. She took them swimming, on the water slides at our resort, playing in the sand and bringing her own activities to do whilst they were in the room. One morning at 4:30am we had a resort staff member come into our room, giving Louis (and myself) quite a scare. That night we had Putu booked to watch our boys, and because of the incident we contemplated canceling, but having Putu with our boys, we knew they were in great hands and cared for. We got home and they were both sound asleep and said what a great time they had with her when they woke.
I couldn’t recommend Putu more highly and will definitely be booking her again for our next trip. They only thing I would of changed, is booking her more often. Thank you so much for providing a fantastic service.

Kate Shoesmith September 13, 2018

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