Kerryl Bullen

Thanks to Umi for her loving care of our darling 11mos twin girls. Umi’s soothing, friendly nature won our girls over within day one (& one of our girls is quite reserved). It provided us the flexibility & peace to spend much needed time together. Our time was split between large resort (with Kids Club) & private villa. We booked Umi for 8hrs each day & eventually concluded afternoon & early evening shifts worked best for us & the girls, allowing us to spend each morning with the girls. We’d briefly come home to help with feed/bath, given their were 2 babies but found Umi had technique’s allowing her to manage this herself & that we were a distraction in her settling them. We couldn’t recommend Umi more highly to care for your LO’s. Thank-you Umi. Love from Liberty & Piper

Kerryl Bullen April 17, 2019