Kristy Gaston

We have just spent 7 of the most wonderful days in Bali all thanks to Umi and Wati. We were in a villa with 2 very energetic 18months olds and one 10month old who only wants to be held by her mum…. that is until she met Umi! While Umi looked after our baby girl, Wati chased and entertained the two toddlers, allowing all parents to relax and enjoy some lovely lunches, dinners and the pool. Both Umi and Wati were so lovely, caring and experienced that both the parents and kids were instantly put at ease. Umi was particularly good with our baby who was teething and had a bout of sickness. Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable! Can’t wait to come back and see you again!

Kristy Gaston September 29, 2018

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