Megan G

We had the pleasure of having Rai care for our 2 year old daughter.
They very quickly became best friends!
I would reccomend Rai & BBB to everyone! We had such a wonderful experience with our nanny, she was so caring and patient with our daughter, she would make sure she had enough sunscreen always wearing a hat, lots of water, they loved swimming together, playing games & exploring the villa.
After a long day of playing Rai would get Our daughter ready for bed and she would always have a very cute hair style!
We are so grateful for the time spent with Rai – thank you so much! Our daughter came back to Australia knowing so many new words and animal sounds all thanks to the one on one time and special care of Rai!
We will see you next time we come back to Bali xxx

Megan G December 22, 2018

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