Mia Coombs

We feel so fortunate to have met Ririn, who took the most amazing care of our precious 4.5 month old baby boy for 9 days. He just loved her and took to her immediately. I really appreciated Ririn’s confidence and ability to take control without having to be asked. Ririn also helped me with my baby’s routine, actually fixing some of his sleeping issues. He has always been a happy baby but he seems even happier and healthier now after his time with Ririn. My husband and I just loved Ririn and we can’t imagine our future Bali holidays without her. I even cried when we had to say goodbye!
My sister in law had the pleasure of having Komang look after her two boys asked 3 & 5, they can be extremely shy with strangers and usually will not go to sleep easily or be away from Mum. Both boys were enchanted by Komang within the first few hours and each day happily went off and played and had day naps and went off to sleep at night without Mum. A complete transformation and we were all very pleasantly surprised. Komang is a very kind and caring soul, we all felt at ease in her presence.
Rai also looked after our friends 20 month old son and she was also absolutely amazing, she gave him little massages and cuddles and he was extremely happy and relaxed in Rai’s presence. I couldn’t recommend these ladies highly enough.
Thank you so much Ririn, Komang and Rai!

Mia Coombs December 1, 2018

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