Morgan Kenyon

Our first casual Nanny couldn’t find our accommodation and was late and didn’t appear to be interested in our 2 year old, only our baby. We cut our night short due to not feeling comfortable with her.
Our second Nanny, Umi, was incredible! Immediately engaged both children, asked so many questions of them and us and our children took to her straight away! She made my husband and I feel very assured on having our date night.


Hi Morgan, thank you for your feedback.  Our nanny was a bit upset by the fact that she could not find your villa with the details given.  Unfortunately the address was not clear and it was not easy to find.  However, she was able to pass on the correct details to your second casual sitter which  enabled her to find  it quickly on the 2nd night. We are glad that Umi looked after you so well.

BBB Team

Morgan Kenyon July 3, 2019

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