Rylei Hunter

I can not recommend Bali’s Best Babysitting enough because they set me up with Wati and made my trip to Bali with a baby amazing. I have a young baby who had never been apart from me and coming all the way from Canada I was a little bit nervous or apprehensive about the process. It could not have been easier. After a couple chats about my needs, I settled on Wati as my baby’s first nanny.

If you have your pick of nannies, I highly recommend Wati. She is absolutely amazing with babies. After only two days with my son, she knew his likes and dislikes and all of his tiny little mannerisms. It was like having a second mother to stay in with my son while I got to relax a bit in Bali knowing he was safe and secure and best of all, happy! In fact my son seemed to strongly prefer Wati to me after a few days since she was always playing with him or singing to him. His little face just lit right up when he saw her appear each day. If I could’ve taken Wati home in my suitcase I would have (in fact we are trying to plan another Bali trip for later next year just because this went so well, all thanks to her!).

So happy this process went so smoothly and I was able to have the best nanny on the island for my sweet baby boy. We will miss you, Wati! Thanks to Bali’s Best Babysitting for arranging this wonderful addition to my much needed holiday.

Rylei Hunter December 7, 2018

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