Sara Gauci

We hired nanny Umi for 2 days, the first day was for us all to hang out so that our 3yr old son could get to know her and so that we could all feel comfortable with her as he would be leaving him for 5hrs the following day with Umi,
Our son Bailey took to Umi straight away because she was so kind and brought toys to entertain him with, we really didn’t need to hang around long as Umi knew exactly what she was doing and they went off together and hung out and she put Bailey to sleep too. The following day he was so excited to see her and we felt extremely comfortable having Umi take care of Bailey for the day. This is the first time we have ever used a nanny but Umi made it very easy and we will definitely book her again when we are back!! Our son was still asking for her days later! 🙂

Sara Gauci February 6, 2020