Sarah Burden

Travelling with a 3 year old is always a daunting experience, let alone when you’re a single mum travelling alone. I was about to back out of the whole trip when my sister referred me to Bali’s Best Babysitting. Hesitantly I booked in Minar and held my breath….

Well now I can say without a doubt I will never travel to Bali without a nanny ever again! In fact I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it earlier :’) Minar blew me away with how attentive and in-tune she was with my son. He has a typical 3 year old attitude, yet she was so patient and kept him in check with her fantastic sense of humour. He was devastated when he learnt he couldn’t bring her home with us haha.

I will certainly be booking Minar again for our next Bali adventure. Thank you Bali’s Best Babysitting!

Sarah Burden October 23, 2018

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