Shanise Wongchiu

We had Nanny Umi W for 12 hours and she was amazing. I felt I could trust her as soon as I met her due to her warmth and friendliness. When she arrived, my 11 month old baby was sleeping so I let her watch him so my partner and I could have breakfast. When we arrived I could see my son laughing at her while she was holding him in a baby sling. It was so adorable. I told her that she can put him down because he’s really heavy (15kgs) but she enjoyed holding him and didn’t want to put him down. We left again and came back in the evening and baby was asleep and Umi was sitting there watching him. She said they went for a swim in the pool (I gave her permission) and she bathed him, changed his clothes and fed him solids and water. I was very impressed by this because it’s so hard to feed my son solids as he’s a very picky eater and will only drink formula. I asked her how she did it and she gave me heaps of tips and tricks. You can tell she’s a great mum who knows what she’s doing. I highly recommend her!

Shanise Wongchiu August 7, 2019

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