Teann Edwards

We were so very fortunate to share three of our days in Bali with Ketut Tika. I’m still in shock with how easily my children were left with her. My 3.5 yr old and 1.5 yr old have never attended day care and are only ever left in the care of grand parents. I truely was thinking this was going to be a disaster and simply not work out. Ketut Tika arrived and greeted us all so warmly, her smile and beautiful soft funny nature had everyone at ease instantly. She is such a calm and happy person to be around. Ketut Tika spent hours in the pool with the children, she made them balloon animals, she made sure they ate their lunch, she bathed them and even platted my 1.5 year olds hair (which she never lets me do!). To say that we were impressed with Ketut is an understatement. We had an amazing family holiday and Ketut played a very big part of that. I will 100% be recommending her to everyone!
Thank you.
Teann and Mark – Franklin and Bonnie.

Teann Edwards July 3, 2019

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