Bali Babysitting -FAQ’s

List of Common Questions

IMPORTANT: Passports - You must have 6 months left on each passport to enter Bali
It is important that you check the expiry date on all of your family passports (please do it now). ** You must have 6 months left on each passport from the date you enter Bali.

e.g Date of travel = 22 April 2018 – Passport Expiry on each passport must be 23 October 2018 or beyond.

We have had so many families arrive at the airport over the years and have had to cancel thier trips due to this.

Please take the time to check this and avoid any issues. (Go and check now).

Do we need to pay Visa on Arrival in Bali ?
No. If you are a citizen of one of the 140 listed countries on the exemption list, you do not need a VOA (Visa On Arrival).

If your country is not on this list, you will need to pay $35 USD

Futher information

I am nervous, we have never used a nanny before, will it be ok?
This is one of the most common questions we receive.  Often many of our families have never used a babysitter or nanny at home, not even family members.

We were in the exact same position as you 7 years ago and this is one of the reasons we started this business.  To give families like ours reassurance, we have take all of the hard work out of it for you.

We screen and interview all our nannies personally and we only employ the best nannies we can find.  It will surprise you how quickly your children will take to the nanny and how relaxed and comfortable things will become over your time in Bali.  Our nannies have conducted many many bookings in Bali and know all the right questions to ask and regular care routines of western children.

Our nannies will play, draw, create, sing, swim and keep general oversight of your little ones while you relax and take a breather!

There is nothing worse than going on holiday and picking up the same life and moving it elsewhere …. that’s not a holiday after all – and we all deserve one!

The best advice is to keep calm and confident and prepare your children that they will have a new friend in Bali to have some fun with 🙂 Children feel your emotions and acting like it is completely normal to have the nanny with you, will set you up for success on your family holiday.

How many children will your nannies look after?
Safety is our #1 priority and with all the open water ways in Bali, we believe in the right ratio of care –

2 Children – Our care ratio is 2 children to 1 nanny

3 Children – Our care ratio is 3 children to 1 nanny  (2 x children 6+ years and one baby / toddler)  – not all nannies will care for 3 children

4 Children – Our care ratio for 4 children is 1 nanny to 4 children (2 x children 8+ years, 1 x child 5+ years and one younger child) – not all nannies will care for 4 children

** PLEASE NOTE: These child care ratios are in place for safety reasons.  With recent natural disaster events, it is very important that we know our nannies can safely care for all the children should anything occur.

Our nannies will not accept bookings “as extra sets of hands” for 3 or 4 children if they are under the age brackets above, they will simply decline the bookings when we dispatch them (so please do not ask, as we do not want our refusal to offend).

Please ensure you book the right amount of care for the children. If the nanny arrives and there are more children than stated, they will contact us and let us know and they do have the option to cancel the remainder of the booking. Unfortunately in the past our expereince is that the nanny ends up taking care of more children than first planned and they are left in a bad position.

Can I adjust the start time of my booking each day to suit my plans?
Yes.  If you book a Daily holiday nanny (min 6 hours per day) you are welcome to adjust the start time each day to suit your plans.  Please discuss with your nanny directly.

** Not available for casual babysitting as these are set times.

What hours do your nannies work ? What are the min / max hours per day?
Our nannies hours can range between 7am – 1am

Casual Babysitting – min 4 hours per day / max 12 hours per day

Daily Holiday Nannies – min 6 hours per day / max 12 hours per day

** Please check our section on School Holiday / peak period min booking times

** Please note: Hours after midnight attract a double time fee

With the exception of live in nannies, most customers ask our nannies to arrive around 10am (this is when the shops and services open in Bali) and stay throughout the day until after dinner time. Some prefer to have their nanny start in the afternoon until later at night.

** If you book a daily holiday nanny (min 6 hours per day), you can adjust the start times of each day directly with you nanny to suit your plans. Casual Babysitting hours are specific and fixed times.

** Our nannies must have a 12 hour break between shifts and prior to starting the next day for safety reasons. If you do need a nanny until late at night, you can book a different casual nanny to come in early the next morning if you would like.

What are the minimum hours for School Holidays and Peak times? - (No Casual Babysitter Bookings offered during these dates)


* Min Casual Bookings = 4 hours per day (if available)

* Min Daily Holiday Nannies = 8 hours per day (consecutive days) / min 5 days

** We always have waiting lists for School Holidays


(29 June – 20 July) – June / July 2019 (min 5 consecutive days)

(21 Sept – 13 Oct) – Sept / Oct 2019 (min 5 consecutive days)

(14 December – 28 January) – Dec / Jan 2019 / 2020 (min 7 consecutive days)


(28 March – 27 April) – Easter 2020 (min 5 consecutive days)

(30 June – 19 July) – June / July 2020 (min 5 consecutive days)

(19 Sept – 11 October) – Sept / Oct 2020 (min 5 consecutive days)

(19 Dec – 31 January) – Dec / Jan 2020 (min 7 consecutive days)

** Please note: we must take into account school holidays for all States & Territories,

public and private school holidays, not just the state that you live in.

** Christmas and New Years Booking open around the 15th of September of each year.  Please check our facebook page for the announcement. We often have waiting lists for these dates so we do have specific booking rules for these dates.

We always take Full Time bookings for Xmas / NYE Bookings first.  Bookings must be min of 7 days / 8 hours per day and casual availability will only be offered if we have availability left over.  Any casual dates will be offered around early to mid December, closer the the holidays and will be very limited. If we have random dates left over we will offer these as single booking days closer to the time.

How far in advance can I book my nanny?
We usually start taking bookings approx 110 days in advance. Please make sure to pop a reminder in your phone or calendar to check back around this time.
Why won’t you take bookings too far ahead ?
We try to be fair to our staff and ensure they are able to meet family, ceremonial and annual leave obligations.  Booking too far ahead has not worked well for us from a resourcing perspective over the years, and we have found this booking window is the best time for us.

To be fair to everyone, we don’t take bookings for dates  that are not available on the calendar, even for regular customers. We will not tentatively book dates in for you, please don’t ask.
Many of our families watch / wait for their preferred nannies availability to open in our calendar and booking in advance for a certain customer is seen to be unfair. This has been raised many times and we ceased this practice some time ago to ensure we are fair to all parties.
The reason we do this is the Balinese have many public and religious holidays and booking too far ahead means we may have to change nannies / re-arrange resources.  We have found over the years this is the best time frame.
** Christmas and New Years Booking will open around the 15th of September of each year.  We often have waiting lists for these dates so we do have specific booking rules for these dates. Once we have filled all our full time places, we will offer casual availability closer to the holiday dates if we have any days left over.
Pricing & Deposit
Pricing can be found on the Bookings page of our website. A deposit is required to secure your booking.

Depending on your individual requirements, the cost per hour ranges between $6.50 – $12.50 per hour.

Areas we service in Bali and travel fees
Casual Babysitting Areas (min 4 hours per day / peak season N/A) – Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tuban, Canggu, Umalas, Batu Belig, Berawa, Jimbaran, Sanur, Kerobokan

Daily Holiday Nanny Areas  – (min 6 hours per day / peak season 8 hours per day) Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tuban, Nusa Dua, Echo Beach, Perenenan Beach, Cemagi, Mengwi Ubud, Gianyar, Kommune, outer Nusa Dua, Bingin and other outer areas

We service all main tourist areas including Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tuban and these areas attract no travel fees.


  • $5 per day – Canggu, Umalas, Batu Belig, Berawa, Jimbaran, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kerobokan
  • $8 per day – Echo Beach, Perenenan Beach, Cemagi, Mengwi, Seseh and other outer areas
  • $10 per day – Ubud, Gianyar, Kommune, outer Nusa Dua and other areas attract a travel (cut off time 6pm – Kommune)
  • $12 per day – Bingin (6pm cut off time)

** Please note: We do not service all areas of Uluwatu / Bukit / Tanah Lot. Our nannies will travel as far as Bingin area only. It is too dark and dangerous for our nannies to be on the roads past 6pm in these areas.

We do not service Amed, Candidasa, North Coast, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Bukit or far reaching areas.

Are your Nannies Vaccinated?
Yes.  Our nannies were vaccinated as young children.  There were large agencies that conducted vaccination drives right throughout mainland Indonesia and the island of Bali.
Do your nannies prepare meals?
Our nannies are happy to prepare meals for the children at your direction. This includes feeding infants. We ask that you plan your meals in advance and have all the necessary ingredients for the nanny to feed your children adequately. Our nannies are not allowed to take the children out to lunch / dinner unless you specifically request this, the restaurant is in the hotel / resort and the children are of a reasonable age. If this is the case, we ask that you inform the hotel / resort prior that the nanny will be bringing the children to lunch / dinner and it will be charged to your room.

** Our nannies are not engaged to cook for other family members or clean villas etc, villa staff are contracted to undertake these duties.

What services do your nannies provide with babies / toddlers?
Our nannies provide ALL services when looking after your children. These include nappy changing, feeding, bathing, general hygiene, playing, reading, bedtime routines and general supervision. We ask that you give your nanny as much information about your children’s normal routine to keep things as consistent as possible.
What services do you nannies provide for older children?
Our nannies have looked after children of all ages and adapt easily. This can include outdoor activities, walks on the beach, swimming in the pools or simply playing computer games and watching movies. Our nannies are happy to follow your direction on these activities and what you would and wouldn’t like the children to participate in.
Do your nannies bring toys and activities?
Yes! Our nannies will bring small toys and / or activities with them to help keep the children entertained. These may vary from balloons, toys, arts and crafts as well as traditional cultural offering making.
How do I decide between a Live in or Daily holiday nanny?
Our most popular option is a live out nanny (Daily holiday nanny) for up to 12 hours per day. Choosing a live in or live out nanny can depend on various factors. They include the age of your children and how much supervision they will require, where you are staying and your travel plans. We can advise you on pricing and availability and the best scenario for your requirements.
What do I need to provide for a live in nanny?
Live in nannies are very common in Bali and you must provide the nanny with their own room or a room they can share with the children. If you hire a live in nanny you must also provide all meals and refreshments- (a small meal like nasi goreng is sufficient in most cases). Live in nannies are also to be provided with 1 x 1/2 day off in a period of 7 days paid.

** Live in nannies finsish at 7am on the last day of your booking.  Any hours required after 7am are considered normal hours and will be added to your booking.

Will your nannies attend Kids Club with our children as they are too young to go alone?
Yes! In fact, we highly recommend this. Most Kids Clubs will not allow children under the age of 3 years to be left alone at a Kids Club without a nanny with them. We also recommend you check with the Kids Club your children will be attending about the age limits.
Do you care for Special Needs Children?
Some of our nannies are happy to work with special needs children.  They are happy to work with children that require additional support with mild conditions and have worked with autistic children (non-aggressive), hearing and sight difficulties.  If your child has more than mild care needs, we suggest you get in contact with Bali One Care respite agency as they have trained medical staff / carers.

Our nannies are not trained in lifting or caring for older children with physical dissabilities / older children toileting / high care.

** Please note any special needs in your booking.  We will ask you for a full account of your childs needs and discuss whether we are happy to provide service. Any misrepresentation of these needs may result in cancellation of your booking while you are in Bali.

What should I do about baby / toddler meals?
We reccomend that you contact Mini Muncher Bali for all your fresh baby & toddler meal requirements. Mini Muncher has an amazing variety of organic meals for little ones and they are prepared in a commercial kitchen. They cater to all food allergies and will deliver directly to your hotel or villa.

** Please note: The commercial baby food you can buy in Bali is not of good quality and sparse in range of choices.

Formula, Fresh Milk and Baby Supplies
Formula is hard to come by in Bali, please bring more than you think you will need.  If you do get stuck you can buy S26 at the supermarket or contact who often have Australian Formulas for sale.

Fresh milk is widely available in Bali and the brand to look for is “Greenfields”. You will find this available at Circle K stores (7/11) and also Bintang Supermarket / Carrefour Supermarket.

Nappies are also widely available and we reccomend you use “Mammy Poko” (locally made) for your day time nappies and bring Huggies for night time.

Pigeon is a brand of wipes you can buy in Bali and readily available.

** Swimming nappies are expensive in Bali and should be bought from home.

Baby Equipment Hire & Pool Fence Hire
We recommend that you use Bali Baby for all your baby equipment needs in Bali. Bali Baby is a western owned and operated company that provides excellent service to travelers to bali. All of the baby equipment is super clean, sterlised after each use and imported into Bali and meets Australian Safety Standards. Helena and her team will be happy to help you out with any questions you may have.

Bali Baby also provide Pool Fence Hire for villas.  As there has been many accidents with young children in Bali in Pool Villas, we highly reccomend you make the investment and ensure your little ones safety.

** Please note: We have used other services in Bali and find that Bali Baby is by far the best.

Hotel vs Villa
Again, this is a personal choice. There can be advantages and disadvantages to both. We recommend that you assess your needs and look into both. We highly recommend Nina’s Bali Villas or Ministry of Villas. Both agencies are Australian Owned, have a wide selection of villas in all main tourist areas of Bali and these agencies offer a wonderful service.

Booking FAQ’s

How are your nannies chosen? Are they interviewed & screened?
Yes. All of our nannies are personally interviewed and stringently screened. We only work with the best nannies on the island are a minimum of 22 years old and must have had experience working with western families. Our nannies are also required to have a national ID card, police clearance and First Aid + CPR qualifications. As there is no childcare training available in Bali, our nannies have been trained in western childcare development & methods similar to the training daycare centres require in Australia.  This training is conducted regularly by us as we are qualified trainers and hold a Cert 4 in Training & Assessment.  All of our nannies can swim competently and can attend places such as Waterbom Park with your family.
Freelance Nanny / Babysitter vs Management Agency
Because we understand the risks in Bali, for various reasons we advise against using an independent freelance person / babysitter, even if recommended by someone else.

What happens if they cancel on you or don’t turn up? Are they trustworthy with your belongings? Is there a management team that you can talk to for advice or help? Are emergency processes in place or processes if something goes wrong? Is First Aid training conducted annually and up to date (not just once, a few years ago)? Are you sure the nanny turning up is who they say they are? (this is a common issue with independent freelance sitters).

We have the controls and processes in place for all of these concerns above and more and have taken the hard work out of it for you.

How do I book if I do not know what I will doing in Bali?
This is our most popular question.  Most customers book their nannies in advance and plan their activities around when they will have the nannies with them to help.

It is common to ask our nannies to arrive around 10am (this is when the shops and services open in Bali) and stay throughout the day until after dinner time. Some prefer to have their nanny start in the afternoon until later at night. **You can adjust the start times of each day directly with you nanny the day before and they will be happy to accommodate you if they have availability. Our nannies are flexible and are happy to fit in with your arrangements.


What happens if I do not use all the hours I have paid a deposit for?
The remainder of the deposit will be forfeited and the balance is still owed to your nanny. By taking a deposit for these hours this means we were not able to offer the nanny any other work for these hours and the nanny will be without work during this time. If you need to cancel your trip due to illness etc then we will be happy to provide you with a tax invoice for your deposit amount for Travel Insurance claims.

** Booking Cancellations with less than 7 Days notice will incur the balance of the booking to be paid via origiginal invoice payment method.

Transfers / Day Tours with a baby seat

Most if not all taxi’s in Bali do not have a baby seat available. It is not recommended that you travel without a baby seat in Bali as traffic accidents are common.

We are happy to  provide our customers with a nanny booking with transfers to and from the airport with a baby seat. The cost for this is $25 each way in the main areas & $25 – $40 AUD each way to all other areas. Our driver / Balinese Manager will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel / villa and return at a pre-arranged time to take you back to the airport.

** Please choose these transfers option in your booking form. You will not be required to pay for this transfer until you are picked up at the airport.

Will your nannies attend outings with our family?
Yes! It is common for our nannies to go to Waterbom Park, Bali Safari Park, Bali Bird Park etc, etc.  The nannies are eligible for “Locals Rate” entry fees and these vary between the different parks.

** All entry fees are the responsibility of the booking party.

Do we need to provide breaks and a meal for the nanny?

Our nannies do not require set breaks during the day where you have to return to the hotel / villa. They will take down time during the day and rest with the children.

Our nannies usually bring their own meals with them to work but they do like to eat fresh food. If you are around it is kind to offer them the chance to quickly pop out and buy a meal. If you are out at lunch or dinner time and the nanny is with you, it is customary to ask the nanny if they would like a meal. Our nannies will usually only order a simple meal for themselves and will always ensure the children are fed and looked after, prior to themselves.

Will your nannies attend Kids Club with our children as they are too young to go alone?
Yes! In fact, we highly recommend this. Most Kids Clubs will not allow children under the age of 3 years (some up to 5 years) to be left alone at a Kids Club without a nanny with them. We recommend you check with the Kids Club your children will be attending about the age limits.
What hours do your nannies work & how late can they finish?
All nannies can start as early as 7am each day & finish up to 1am. Maximum of 12 hours per day for all bookings.  Our nannies must have a 12 hour break before starting the next day.

Casual Babysitters -Min 4 hours per day – Max 12 hours per day

**Please note, we only have 3 casual babysitters on staff at any time.

Daily Holiday Nannies – Min 6 hrs+ per day  (Low Season) & 8 hours per day (High Season)

High Season & Holiday Periods – Min 8 hours per day on 5 consecutive days (no breaks between dates or every 2nd day etc)

Due to overwhelming demand for full time holiday nannies over the past few years, we only allocate 3 x nannies to take casual babysitting bookings during high season and holiday periods.

** We are also happy to put you on our wait list for busy periods should there be cancellations which do happen from time to time.

As a general rule, we do not recommend that you book for the minimum amount of hours per day (4 hours), as this is considered casual babysitting and means that we will allocate whichever nanny we have available to assist you. We only have 3 x casual babysitters.

If you are hoping to keep some sort of consistency for the children then 6+ hours per day (Low Season) on consecutive days is recommended. (High Season) 8+ hours per day on consecutive days is recommended