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It’s always a nervous time leaving your children with a stranger in another country and we completely understand that. This is especially so, as many of us do not use babysitters at home in Australia, New Zealand, Europe or the USA!

For this reason we set about building something special after traveling to Bali for 15+ years and wanting to offer families like ours a fantastic reliable service where you could feel like you are really having a holiday!

Our nannies are the best on the island and we only work with nannies that have had many years experience. The professionalism of our nannies and their dedication to our business and their team mates, is what makes this business so special!

We are the only Western operated Babysitting & Nanny Service in Bali with 10+ years experience and our reputation is very important to us. We are very active in the Facebook community and our customers recommend and support us.

Thank you to those who have taken their time out to write these lovely comments below!



October 30, 2018

We have a 15 month old boy and a 3 year old girl and they had an absolute ball with Eka in Bali.

Eka was kind and caring and was always so focused on our kids. My family especially enjoyed their conversations with Eka, learning about life in Bali. Eka’s English is fantastic and our daughter loved learning to count in Indonesion.

We definitely hope to have Eka look after our kids the next time we are in Bali. We highly recommend her!!

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October 26, 2018

We just got home from another amazing holiday in Bali, which was made even better with the help of our nanny Denny.

Denny was amazing with our 2 girls 6 + 4. Our girls loved playing with Denny in the pool and in our suite where Denny brought different arts and craft activities everyday. 1 of the days we were there our 6 year old came down with Bali belly and Denny was so loving and caring towards her, even recommending medicine for her. Having Denny enabled my husband and I to have some much needed time together, which was priceless. I would highly recommend Denny to any family and we look forward to booking her for our next holiday in Bali.

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John Little

October 26, 2018

We had two nannies during or stay, Ketut for one day and Narie for 4 days. The were both amazing! Narie especially, we have 9 month old twins who can be handful but she looked after them like they were here own babies. They loved her! She even helped look after them when one came down with a stomach virus. We miss her! We will definetely use BBB again, and hopefully Narie will be available!

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Jemia Henn

October 26, 2018

We had the absolute pleasure of having Ani take care of our two children (boys aged 3 and 4).

We had Ani join us for two 6 hour days of our 8 day holiday. He first day she joined us at the beach all I wanted/expected was an extra set of hands and eyes. Ani built sandcastles, paddled in the water, applied sunscreen got drinks for the kids help wash and dress and more. She was an honest god send.

The second day she came early evening she played in the pool for a few hours, helped bath the boys then we went out for a few hours for a adult evening meal. She stayed at the villa with the boys fed them, read them their books and put them to bed. Both days she brought some fun activities that the boys loved.

To be honest I’ve always been a little sceptical and nervous about leaving our children in the care others. BUT having Ani was one of the best choices we made on our holiday. Our two boys fell in love with Ani as did we. I could not have asked for a more reliable, caring, attentive nanny. She engaged with the boys the whole time, she played, laughed and attended to them more than I could’ve myself. I gave Ani my complete trust and she had my 100% confidence within the first hour.

I highly recommend this company and specifically Ani. We will certainly be booking again our next holiday

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Sarah Burden

October 23, 2018

Travelling with a 3 year old is always a daunting experience, let alone when you’re a single mum travelling alone. I was about to back out of the whole trip when my sister referred me to Bali’s Best Babysitting. Hesitantly I booked in Minar and held my breath….

Well now I can say without a doubt I will never travel to Bali without a nanny ever again! In fact I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it earlier :’) Minar blew me away with how attentive and in-tune she was with my son. He has a typical 3 year old attitude, yet she was so patient and kept him in check with her fantastic sense of humour. He was devastated when he learnt he couldn’t bring her home with us haha.

I will certainly be booking Minar again for our next Bali adventure. Thank you Bali’s Best Babysitting!

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October 22, 2018

Just wanted to say we had Ria for 4 days from the 1-4th October. She was fabulous with our kids and would book her again in a flash if we come back to Bali. She knew exactly how to engage both our 8 year old and 6 year old, giving us plenty of time to relax on our holiday. Thank you for providing an awesome service with very reliable nannies. Highly recommend.


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October 21, 2018

This was our first time getting a nanny in Bali and I had some hesitations but we give Linda a definite 5 out of 5. She had so much time and energy for my son. They went swimming, played superheroes, drew pictures and had lots of laughs. He absolutely loved her. At the start of the day, my partner didn’t quite know where to meet her so after a bit of a mix up and some emailing and messaging to him and the admin team we finally located her, that was our fault but she waited around and gave us a chance rather than just leave.

The only other thing that was hard was, she needed to finish earlier than we had booked due to family reasons and our dinner / awards night was running late so my partner had to go back to the hotel to relieve her. It might have been better to get another nanny if available due to the circumstances, but I’m glad we had Linda for the time we did and would definitely recommend as caring, fun and full of energy. The experience makes me confident to get another nanny on our next visit.

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Nanny Rai

October 21, 2018


I just wanted to write a quick email to say how amazing Rai was on our holiday.

For almost 2 weeks she looked after our almost 2 year old with care, laughter and knowledge beyond our skills.

She made us feel comfortable from the get go and she was so great with our little boy.

Every day she was always early and happy to stay later if we needed her too. Rai gave us so much great advice and also even brought things we didn’t have (like vegemite and buckets and spades) to our villa.

Rai is such an amazing nanny and a wonderful person and Casey loved her so much he is still asking ‘Where are you Rai?’ After a few days of being home.

Even though Casey was very cranky and upset for the first few days of our holiday (teeth!) Rai took it in her stride and knew exactly how to make him happy and even eat when his mouth was sore.

She is a wonderful asset to your company and I will definitely be booking her again next year.

Thanks so much again for making our holiday so relaxing and enjoyable.


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Nanny Cicik

October 18, 2018


This was our first time visiting Bali as a family and as we’ve never used babysitting before on a holiday we were a bit nervous but we found Cicik to be absolutely amazing with our two girls aged 3 and 6. She was genuinely kind and sweet and took care of our girls wonderfully. She was super flexible with the 6 hours plus we booked her for on each of the 8 days which was a massive bonus – so we could spend some time relaxing during the day or go out for dinner of an evening. She was totally fantastic, particularly with our 3 year old who absolutely adored her. Cicik was happy to play games in our room, go to the kids club, sing, play in the pool all day, go for walks and rub tired bodies to sleep at the end of the day, nothing was too much trouble. She was everything and more we could have hoped for and saying goodbye was hard. We all miss her very much and would wholeheartedly recommend her to any family visiting Bali. Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful, perfect babysitter for our holiday, she really helped make this our best family holiday yet.

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Mum of 3yo

Elena Arapu

October 18, 2018

A first timer here ✋ & I have to share how much I was against getting a nanny, I was sure I didn’t need one !‚

I am so happy that I got one!

I usually don’t write many reviews as I don’t have much spare time to do so ( very active 14month old !‚ )

But in regards to my nanny, Rai, I had to tell you all how amazing she is/was 🙏

My son, in only a short hour would fling into my nannies arms over mine !‚ he loved her so much and he obviously felt so comfortable & safe around her!

From the moment I met her, to last day of having her around, I had never felt so happy and comfortable with her !

She went above and beyond to make us feel happy and the way she looked after my son even put me to shame !‚

She also taught me how to massage him before bed which he absolutely, LOVES! And falls asleep so much better now.

If you are questioning getting one, Don’t. Just book them! You will be so thankful when you do

So I would like to thank my nanny Rai, once again for all she had done for our son, for making our holiday that extra bit more special!

Thank you thank you!! so much and see you again soon !

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