Nanny Maya

Hi Bali Best,

I would like to thank you for arranging the nannies for our stay. They have made my holiday fun and hassle free and my baby seems happy in their care. 
I would especially like to comment on nanny Maya. She is God sent! Her English is perfect and she work attitude is excellent – never once late, extremely pro active and flexible with our needs. Her eq is high and she is gets along well with both us and our baby. I was pleasantly surprised when she immediately asked me if baby Alexander has allergies, his nap and feeding schedule when we first met. She also made the effort to let the second nanny know what our requirements are so that I didn’t have to repeat them. She is extremely professional and I can tell she takes great pride in her job. I will miss her laughter and her smile and just knowing I can get help like her makes me want to return to bali for another holiday!



Serena December 17, 2018

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